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Watching the national weather news makes those of us in the North Carolina mountains feel lucky these days. We're midway through the winter, and though we've had our low temps and enough rain to insure against drought, the snow has been almost entirely on the peaks and high ridges.

That disappoints the kids, of course. They were spoiled with snow days last year. But the consolation is, we can head for the nearby ski resorts, which have been making plenty of snow on the cold days, if we want to play in the white stuff.

There are lots of reasons to love this time of year in the mountains. The high energy of the summer and leaf season are behind us. Now is the time for hanging out with friends in front of the fire and meeting up in local restaurants where we might have waited in line during summer months. It's a welcome go-slow period. Yet the folks we know in retail and in the restaurants tell us business has been surprisingly steady. We've even heard some of the old timers griping about weekend traffic. Don't people know this is the off-season?

As much as we like ratcheting down the stress, we tend to see this winter's increased activity as a sign of the spring and summer to come. It's a good sign. People visiting this winter seem, well, cautiously eager for whatever is next. Which seems a whole lot better than being anxious about the present. People are taking some of their dreams out of storage and dusting them off. While no one's ready to throw a back-to-the-boom-times party just yet, it's nice to feel the gloom of the last few years lifting. And, heck, maybe we learned a thing or two, both as individuals and as a nation during the downturn.

We've had some time to spruce up our dreams for Sanctuary Village, too. And we'll be sharing some ideas with you in the months to come. But in the meantime, let's just enjoy this transition time. We're moving our chairs a little closer to the fire and settling into a good read or good conversations with family and friends. We hope that's on your winter to-do list, too.

If you get restless, come on up and hang out with us in the mountains. Or just drop us a line to plan your spring and summer vacations. Everything you love about this special place is still here waiting for you. And that's a good feeling no matter the season.

Ben Brown
Sanctuary Village Marketing Team

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Winter 2012
Winter in Sanctuary Village - Franklin, NC, a new walkable community in mountains of Western North Carolina






Winter in Sanctuary Village - Franklin, NC, a new walkable community in mountains of Western North Carolina


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