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October 2007
Fall greetings from the mountains of North Carolina
We hope your autumn has been a glorious as ours (though we have a hard time imagining that). Because of the dry summer, experts predicted the fall color show in our region wouldn’t be nearly as spectacular as it usually is. But nature frustrated the predictions with a delightful display of color, especially at the higher elevations, where our Sanctuary at Mountain Grove is located.

Our usual October crowds filled the streets of Franklin and nearby towns, and I was reminded again of the larger community in which we are nestling our two projects. The Sanctuary Communities are in special places, made more so not only by breathtaking natural surroundings but also by the people and historic culture of this region. We take the “communities” part of Sanctuary Communities seriously. This feeling of being connected to people and to a place beyond our private space is not just an additional amenity; it’s at the core of what we’re offering. When we invite people to move here and share this place with us, we’re not just talking about real estate. We’re recruiting neighbors and citizens.

Expect to hear on this theme from me. Something happens just about every month to underline the community connection. This weekend, it was Franklin’s annual Pumpkin Fest.

With the leaf season in full swing in October, I was happy to see some of you back for a week or a long weekend. I have given many tours of our Mountain Grove community thus far this fall despite the messiness of our State Road construction. By the spring, our new road will be complete past our property. Then it will move on to connect Franklin and Sylva more efficiently. That means our owners in Sanctuary at Mountain Grove will have it both ways. They’ll retain the high-mountain seclusion they desire and the convenience of a 20-minute drive to an historic downtown whenever they want.

Speaking of historic downtowns, Phase 1 of our Sanctuary Village community five blocks off Franklin’s Main Street is underway. The underground utilities are going in, along with our storm water management system and new water and sewer lines. Roads should be finished next, but we may be caught by the annual winter shutdown of our local asphalt plant.

I had hoped by now to be arranging for our first houses on Market Street. I can’t wait to give all of you who’ve taken such a strong interest in Sanctuary Village that first glimpse of the neighborhood we’re creating. But my development team, including veteran engineers and construction contractors, has convinced me that the need to get everything just right trumps the need to debut the Village in record time.

They remind me that we held our initial design charrette only a year ago this summer and sped through planning, first-phase house design, a rewriting of the local zoning code, and complicated engineering – all at breakneck speed, compared to other projects of similar ambition and complexity. So I’m cooling my jets.

Every day we make a little more progress. Even if we have to wait through the winter to get roads in and our first homes built, we can look forward to a spring debut in time for visitors’ traditional return to the mountains. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Over the winter, we’ll iron out every detail for our Phase 1 homes. We’re excited about using one of the most experienced high-end modular home companies, Haven Homes. But to maximize the advantages of partial factory construction, we have to commit to making good decisions up-front, as opposed to fixing bad ideas on-site. We’re working with our architecture team (Allison Ramsey Architects) and Haven Homes’ South Carolina operation to refine designs for each of our Phase 1 lots. Prepare to be wowed by these beautiful homes, each of them customized for where they’ll fit into the Village plan.

Here’s another set of details to get right: Everything that qualifies our houses for certification by North Carolina’s Green Building Council as HealthyBuilt Homes. We want to make our community one of the first new neighborhoods in our region to achieve this level of environmental responsibility and energy efficiency. It’s not only the right thing to do, it also makes economic sense. With energy prices rising, the additional investment in energy efficiency will pay for itself quickly.

In my next newsletter, I’ll update you on the final stages of home designs and construction plans. In the meantime, browse through the Phase 1 neighborhood on our website. And, by all means, call me with questions.

Happy fall to all. And don’t forget to include us in your next visit to the mountains.

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At the pumpkin roll – Franklin’s fall festival


At the pumpkin roll – Franklin’s fall festival


The Ryan farm in Mountain Grove


Fall sunset in Mountain Grove


Fall in the mountains


Tim and Iva Ryan


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