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Hot summer where you live? Here in the mountains it's been unusually warm, as well; though we shouldn't complain about days in the 80’s and nights in the 60’s when the rest of the Southeast is sweltering. Besides, I think we get the better end of the deal we make with summer when the tomatoes come into season. And boy are they here now.

It could be the altitude or the dirt or the nighttime temps. Whatever it is, our tomatoes are in a class by themselves. And our Franklin farmers market is suddenly loaded with them.

It's not just tomatoes, either. In season now is an incredible assortment of beans, beets, potatoes, onions, corn, peaches, and berries of all types. Our growing community is expanding to meet increasing demand. So we can look forward to harvests of local delights for years to come. It's a ritual worth celebrating. In fact, there's already a celebration of local food and local food growers that's high on our summer social schedule.

The Land Trust for the Little Tennessee is one of our most respected non-profit organizations. It's also one of the most effective, successfully conserving farms, forests, and wildlife corridors through voluntary agreements with property owners. For the second year in a row, the LTLT has staged a fund-raiser to call attention to local harvests and to an expanding community of wine and beer producers. To give you a feel for the event, we made a video 

As you can see by the expressions of folks at the gathering, the event is not just about food. It's a celebration of where we live and how we live. It's a reaffirmation of life in a region where connections between families and friends, old and new, are literally rooted in the land we inhabit together.

These kinds of events always remind me how lucky we are to live in the North Carolina mountains and in a town with its own 150-year-old roots. Deep connections between people and place already exist. All we have to do is affirm and expand them.

That's an essential part of our mission with Sanctuary Village. We make no secret that our core amenity is community. We hope you take some time to come experience what's already available to us in Franklin, then help us to build upon that foundation. We're looking for neighbors.

A friend of ours, another developer, puts in this way: When privacy and exclusivity is what you're selling, every sale undercuts value. But if what you're selling is community, every sale adds value. The tomatoes are a bonus. 

Tim and Iva Ryan
Town Founders

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Mid-Summer 2010
Franklin Farmer's Market

Franklin, NC Summer Fun with Good Food
Franklin, NC Summer Fun with Good Food

Franklin Farmer's Market -tomatoes-.

Franklin Farmer's Market -tomatoes-.

Franklin Farmer's Market

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