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This spring marks a milestone for me. On Saturday, April 24, I started my next half-century on earth. That’s the way I’m looking at my 50th birthday. It fits right in with the theme of my last newsletter about thinking and talking in the future tense.

We used my birthday as an excuse for our first potluck dinner of 2010, gathering on the Sanctuary Village Square for a feast among friends. It was a great evening, cool and clear before the next day’s spring rains. And it was fun for us all.

The party took some organization, though. Iva started planning months ago, checking with friends via email and phone. Who would be in town? What would they like to bring to the potluck? How about contingency plans for inclement weather?

When we have these kinds of events in Franklin, we relish the pleasure of one another’s company, and we wonder why we don’t do it more often. What frustrates the effort, of course, is the fact that so many of us live lives that are unintentionally disconnected. To come together, we have to intentionally reconnect by planning, whether it’s for a potluck dinner or a play date for kids or simply conversation among friends over glasses of wine.

At Sanctuary Village, we’re determined to bring a higher level of intention to reconnecting. We’re creating a new version of an old idea – a compact, in-town neighborhood, where walking is as easy as driving and where there are plenty of opportunities for meeting casually with friends and neighbors without having to plan for weeks in advance.

At my birthday potluck, I thought about what that will mean as the Village begins to build out. The lights from our house -- which stands alone on the Square, for the time being – already makes the Square feel inhabited and inviting. How great it will be when the street is lined with homes and when a party like ours can occur spontaneously on neighbors’ porches or around outdoor tables at the café likely to anchor our little commercial section on the Square. On my birthday, I imagined our tables and chairs to be the first installment of that outdoor café seating. Happily thinking in the future tense again.

Thanks to all of you who have emailed and called in the last month or so. We’ve already had more enquiries about Sanctuary Village in the first four months of 2010 than for the last half of 2009.

Our news stories and presentations about opportunities for a Sanctuary Village sub-neighborhood for senior cohousing are attracting even more questions and visits. We’ll be speaking during the National Cohousing Conference in June in Boulder, CO, about some of those opportunities. We’ll fill you in on that in our next newsletter.

In the meantime, keep the calls coming. And, if you’re in town, come by for a visit. Pretty soon, we’ll be introducing you to neighbors who’ll help you enjoy the next half-century of your own lives.


Tim and Iva Ryan
Town Founders

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