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Happy May to everyone:

We hope the month is as welcome in your neck of the woods as it is in ours. We're celebrating for several reasons. The big one, of course, is the annual one. May is the when the mountains of North Carolina "green up" into spring, when gardens are planted, and when community gatherings move outdoors. Everything feels fresh and new again.

That goes for us, too. Needless to say, this has been a tough year for real estate development, the worst of it being the level of uncertainty regarding all the interconnected markets -- financial, housing, employment. But it looks like the economy is experiencing a little spring fever, as well. Finally, we see in the financial pages the first good news in months, signs that falling housing prices are finding a bottom and that consumers are showing confidence again. While no one is predicting a dramatic bounce back to good times anytime soon, even the pessimists are beginning to admit a slow recovery now seems likely.

So what does that mean for our plans in Sanctuary Village and for your dreams to make a home in these mountains? Let me test a few of my ideas out. First of all, let's not waste the opportunity the economic crisis forced on us. This has been a great time to reassess our assets and options and to ask the Big Questions: Is what I'm doing the right thing for me and my family? When the dust clears, where do I want to be and how do I want to live?

Around our house, the answers have gone something like this: We want to be in an environment we love, building a better community in partnership with our friends and neighbors, and living more sustainably and simply. Instead of piling up a mountain of stuff, we'd like to invest at least some of our energies into shaping a legacy, both for those closest to us and for the broader community. 

Maybe you've come to similar conclusions over the past few months. You may have concluded that what you need to be doing is to concentrate on making a better life right where you are. That makes plenty of sense. Or you may be more committed than ever to organizing yourself to make a move. 

We're as convinced as we ever were that there are more than enough folks in that latter frame of mind to help us populate the community we've designed in the heart of Franklin. We believe that because we planned Sanctuary Village from the beginning to respond to the Big Questions. While we're offering a broad diversity of housing choices designed by one of the most popular architecture firms in the Southeast, what we're really selling is community. The Village is a compact, walkable, in-town neighborhood a few blocks from Franklin's Main Street. It's the only place in the seven mountain counties west of Asheville where living in a brand new house in such a neighborhood is possible. So if it's true that the downturn is triggering deeper emotions about the value of community and green, compact design -- and all signs point to that -- then the Village is even better positioned to satisfy that pent-up demand. We're ready for what comes next.

To make sure we're as responsive as we can possibly be to the post-downturn marketplace, we're broadening housing choices without compromising our commitment to state-of-the-art, energy efficient design. In addition to the house plans illustrated in Phase 1 of our master plan, we're now offering two more options. One is a “mansion flat”, three-story condo building just off Market Street Square. The mansion flats take their name from the carefully thought-out design of this six-unit building. Its architecture suggests a mansion-sized, single-family dwelling, rather than an apartment building; so it nestles comfortably in a neighborhood that mixes live-works and detached homes. There are three separate floor plans ranging from 1,000-sq. ft. one bedroom with one and half baths to 1,300-sq.-ft. two bedrooms with two baths. Prices begin under $200,000.

The other new option is a cozy cottage , designed with all the careful details of our larger homes, but with living space contained within 800 sq. ft. That alternative came about after so many of our conversations with single, empty nesters anxious to rid themselves of big homes and big yards. Starting at under $200,000, these cottages will fill a crucial niche in our neighborhood plan and hit a price point that's all but unattainable in an architect-designed, single-family home. 

That's the latest news from the Village. We hope you can come celebrate a little of May with us. On May 23, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we're hosting the second of our community potluck dinners. Again, we'll put tables out on Market Square and feast with friends. That includes you. Give me a call or email me if you think you can join us.

Happy spring to you and yours,

Tim and Iva Ryan
Town Founders

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Greetings from Franklin and the mountains of North Carolina
May 2009
6-Unit Mansion Flat view details


6-Unit Mansion Flat view details


Cozy Arts and Crafts Cottage view details


Cozy Arts and Crafts Cottage view details


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