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Sanctuary Village
One Exciting Piece at a Time

I am happy to say the warm “lazy” days of summer are here. Although for us, we still have cool breezes and ours are definitely not “lazy days” with all we have going on in Sanctuary Village.

Creating Sanctuary Village is, in many ways, like piecing a puzzle together. Each corner, each section, each piece must come together in just the right way to duplicate the scene depicted on the box.

Only with Sanctuary Village, the picture we’re working to duplicate started as a vision and the pieces needed to complete our vision involve a variety of different aspects—each vital in the building process.

That’s why I find it so exciting to report that Phase I of our horizontal construction is nearing completion. And while this aspect may not be as exciting as placing the final piece of the puzzle, it does mean we’re getting a big step closer.

For those unsure of what horizontal construction means, it’s essentially everything that’s needed underground—water, sewer, and power lines, phone cable, natural gas pipes, and storm drains. Once the underground work is complete, the above-ground work can truly kick off.

That’s not to say, though, that everything we’ve accomplished thus far is underground. In fact, in addition to the work you can’t see, we’ve built two creek crossings, have seeded the park located just off Market Street and have roughed in most of our future roads . The next few pieces of the puzzle will bring our new Market Street plaza and the foundations for our first two cottages.

But even as I’m enjoying the placement of each piece in the Sanctuary Village puzzle, I can’t help but look ahead to the completed picture—a picture with flowering trees and bushes, spectacular homes, and a vibrant walkable community with neighbors interacting and children playing in the park.

I hope you’ll visit Sanctuary Village soon. Consider it a step toward a simpler life where people spend time outdoors, bump into friends at the corner market, share their day with neighbors at the park.

A real community from the inside, out.

Interested in a personal tour? Give me a call at 828-349-4465 and we’ll set up a time that works for you.

See you soon in America’s next great historical town – Sanctuary Village.

Tim and Iva Ryan
Town Founders

Phone: 828-349-4465 or 866-449-4465
Fax: 828-369-5050

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June 2008

From the beginning

24 acres - 5 blocks from Franklin’s historic Main Street

Phase I area in 2007



To A Vision

Our Master Plan and Phase I area


To the road ahead

Village Circle East – Paved June 2008


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