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June 2007
A Summer of New Beginnings  
Tim Ryan & Patches, Sanctuary Communities
Our first three homes for The Village – Fall, 2007

We’re in full-bore summer in the mountains now, hoping, like the rest of the South, for a little more rain but mostly settling into the seasonal routines that are part of the rewards of living in Western North Carolina’s high country. The evenings and mornings are cool still, which keeps fog hanging over the ridges until the midday burn-off. That gives us the excuse to linger over another cup of coffee and daydream out the window before we turn our attentions to our daily to-do lists.

Since leaving the hustle of an international vegetable importing business in South Florida and moving to the mountains, I’ve made it a habit to keep the to-do list short. And it includes, this time of year, sitting and watching the mountains rise from the mists outside my home office window. It’s as close as I intend to get to a morning staff meeting. But that doesn’t mean serious thinking is not going on.

What I’ve been thinking about lately is how this particular season is shaping up as a summer of new beginnings. For the first time in a while, our whole family is together. Our oldest son, Joe, transferred to Western Carolina University a half-hour down the road, and he’s just been accepted into a sports training program that will lead to a degree in physical therapy. Joe lives near campus, but like most college kids within reach of home cooking, we see him regularly. Jason, our middle son, just graduated from high school here in Franklin. And our youngest, Timmy, leaves his elementary years behind and prepares for middle school in the fall. Invigorating transitions!

My wife, Iva, and I are excited about changes in the works, as well. The relatively leisurely pace of preparing our two Sanctuary communities for sales is heating up. Some of the new energy is no doubt coming from watching the state road crews as they make steady progress converting the gravel road to the Sanctuary at Mountain Grove to asphalt. But it’s also because I’m hearing from more and more folks who are thinking of transitions to the mountains themselves. Just about every day I get emails and phone calls from people on this newsletter list. Some just want a direct, if long-distance, report on progress. Some are anxious to make in-person appointments to see remaining lots in Sanctuary at Mountain Grove or to take a look at site preparation for our in-town community, Sanctuary Village, in Franklin.

The changes will really come fast, starting in a couple weeks when crews start preparing roads and house lots for Phase 1 in the Village. We’re building all of these architect-designed homes in Phase 1 ourselves to make sure we get the look we want – and the look we promised in the gorgeous renderings that emerged from our planning last year. Those of you who visit this summer will get an early peek at the construction. By fall, we intend to have at least a couple of the houses ready for occupancy. Then, we’re off and running.

You can get a look at each house designed for each lot in Sanctuary Village’s first phase by clicking here. And you can sign up to be on our priority notification list. It costs nothing. It just assures that you’ll be in the first group to know when new houses are ready.

Just writing all this down makes me suspect my to-do list is going to grow. All the more reason to enjoy this summer while I can! In fact, I’m concentrating on capturing these moments, because I don’t want to get out of the practice of enjoying them as the energy picks up. I figure one of the amenities of life in any place called the Sanctuary has to be the opportunity to spend time watching the morning warm one of the most beautiful landscapes in North America and indulge in some serious daydreaming. We’re trying to design that into our communities. So come on up and get inspired.

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Mtn laurel in the Sanctuary


Tree house design for the Sanctuary Village

Jason (on right) at his graduation

Views from the Sanctuary at Mtn Grove

New home under construction in the Sanctuary Mtn Grove

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