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Summer greetings from the North Carolina Mountains:

Although we’re deep into July, we’ve had a string of what have seemed like spring days, with daytime temperatures in the 70s and the evenings making us wish we hadn’t stored the comforters for the season. A lot of us are convinced we live in paradise most of the year. But even the most enthusiastic community boosters know we’ve been especially blessed lately.

The great weather made Franklin’s annual Folk Festival a big hit this year. My family appreciated it more than usual since this is the first time we could walk to all the downtown fun in ten minutes from our home in Sanctuary Village. For a taste of the Festival, check out our little video here.

Strolling through the Festival, stopping every few feet to chat with friends and neighbors, reassured us of the value of what we call the chief amenity of Sanctuary Village life: A walkable, small town community that just happens to be in one of the most appealing places in North America. While we experience that truth every day, it’s also pleasing to notice that research affirms that lots of folks apparently agree.

A recent national survey by the Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends project found that if they had their druthers about where to live, the largest percentage of those surveyed, 30 percent, would opt for a small town. And more than a fifth of the survey sample answered, “in a rural area.” That’s us, all the way. Small town in a rural area!

Knowing how consistent those survey numbers are reinforces our confidence, even in tough economic times, that Sanctuary Village will grow and prosper in the years to come. It should make you feel better about your determination to join us, as well.

Want another example of trends heading our way? Since we’re so committed to “right-sizing” architecture for the new era and for new stages in people’s lives, we nodded in agreement at this analysis from an economist with the American Association of Architects: "The era of the 'McMansion' could well be over as home sizes have been trending downward recently, with a significantly higher number of architects reporting demand for smaller homes this year," said AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA. "And as the housing boom has passed there seems to be a renewed interest in investing in properties to make homes more livable, as opposed to real estate that can be resold quickly for a profit."

If you are thinking of protecting your investment in a home for the long run, you might also be interested in this against-the-grain story in the July 20 Washington Post. While many Florida developments are losing their appeal because of bank foreclosures and abandoned homes, sales at Celebration, the Orlando-area community designed – like Sanctuary Village – to maximize neighborliness and walkability, has people eager to move in. Like everywhere else, home prices in Celebration have dropped due to the downturn. But instead of scaring people away from investing there, the drops in prices are attracting buyers who see the opportunity of a dream suddenly made more affordable. The headline on the story: “Utopia at a Discount.”

Well, we figure we’re in the “Utopia at a Discount Business”, as well. To help all of our friends who have been waiting for just the right opportunity to make their dream move to an in-town community in the North Carolina Mountains, we’re offering Founders’ Lots from just $35,000.  And we have also put together a sample floor plan book of different Allison Ramsey architect-designed homes that families would cherish for generations to come. 

Call me now to set up a visit or just drop by to learn more about all that Franklin and Sanctuary Village have to offer.

Until next time, 

Tim and Iva Ryan
Town Founders

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Greetings from Franklin and the mountains of North Carolina
July 2009







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