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February 2007
The paths we walk lead home

Tim Ryan & Duke, Sanctuary Communities

For as long as I can remember, I have always gone for long walks. Whenever I need to find some answers or shed some stress, I head to open ground and fresh air. When I was young, my walking companion in the woods of the Redlands in South Florida, where I grew up, was my dog, Patches. Later, during more than 20 years importing and selling produce out of Miami, I often walked alone, needing more than my share of stress-release strolls.

These days, I’m back to open ground. The scenery has changed for the better. I walk the ridge trails on our farm in Mountain Grove in the mountains just east of Franklin, NC. And I’m back to favorite walking companions – sometimes Iva, my wife, and often Duke, my dog. Each time, I start out saying to myself, “I’ll go just up to the next bend.” But if the weather is even a little inviting, it becomes the next bend, then the next. Lately, falling snow has been a bonus, extending the walks and the release. By the time I return to the house, I have new answers, and I’ve left hard questions on the trail.

I am back in my loft home-office now, watching the clouds roll in. The ridges are still visible, but you can sense snow is near. I can hear the fire burning in the living room below. A soft tune plays. And I am thinking of all the paths I have walked to reach this place, how we all search for what will fulfill us, and how after so many years of walking, I have found so much happiness here in my own backyard. Now, in my 47th year, I know how blessed I am to have found the path that led me here. And I’m working hard to provide a way for others to find their way to this wonderful place.

On the news front: We’re entering an exciting time for our Sanctuary Communities. In the next month of so, we should have all of the approvals to begin construction in our in-town neighborhood, The Sanctuary Village. The Village will be a first in our region, a new traditional neighborhood designed to fit comfortably with an historic downtown. It’s a walkable neighborhood five blocks off Franklin’s Main Street. We’ll have single-family homes in a range of scales, plus mansion-flat condos and buildings that allow for offices or retail on the first floor and apartments above. Franklin was so eager to help us realize this ambitious dream that it allowed for the creation of a special overlay zoning district to accommodate our design.

Over the next month, we’ll be releasing designs for the first 20 homes to be built in The Village. Our goal is to have the first of these 20 homes available by the fall of 2007. Please keep checking our website for a posting of Phase I and information on our priority reservation system.

Higher up in the mountains, our Sanctuary at Mountain Grove will soon be even more accessible, as The State moves ahead to pave Onion Mountain/Mountain Grove (State Road 1521). This road, which is currently gravel, connects The Sanctuary at Mountain Grove with already-paved routes to Franklin in one direction and to Western Carolina University, the Town of Sylva, and Asheville in the other.

Those who choose this high-mountain approach to life will enjoy both the opportunity for solitude and the convenience of a close-in location. There are only nine mountain-view sites remaining and one already-built home – our waterfall cottage currently available. So if you have not already done so, now is a perfect to consider investing your families’ memories in our growing community.

Between The Sanctuary at Mountain Grove and our in-town community, The Sanctuary Village we believe The Sanctuary Communities offer the two most popular choices for new homes in the mountains. And we're carefully designing these communities so that they're not only worthy of the unique places in which they're found but that they add to those natural amenities and inspire pride for decades to come.

Come see what we're doing in person. But by all means, watch our progress on our website.

The Sanctuary Communities is about choice, for a lifestyle and a lifetime.

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