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August 2007
Summer Days in Franklin, NC  
These last two months of summer mark the peak of our traditional family tourist season in Western North Carolina. And this has been a special season in lots of ways.

First of all, it's been heartening for those of us who've tied our futures to these mountains that so many others feel the same way. Despite high gas prices, a jittery housing economy, and the kind of news that might tempt folks to stay home and cover their heads, we're working on a record summer of visitors.

On Saturday mornings, even with all the new farmers and bakers setting up tables and tents, you've got to get to the downtown farmer's market early if you want a decent choice of the fresh baked breads, organic veggies, and local goat cheese. And at peak meal times, there's a wait for a table Cafe REL, which is probably the Southeast's best restaurant in the back of a gas station.

With the summer energy level cranked up a notch and a few more cars on Main Street, some of us who are spoiled by the year-round leisurely pace of Macon County might be tempted to gripe about the crowds. But then our visitors politely correct us: Don't you remember, they ask, what it feels like to fight the traffic, to suffer all the minor annoyances, of daily life in the nation's major metro regions? Don't you remember living out lives without access to daily reminders of the larger natural world, without mountains on the horizon or wild rivers within a short ride?

Get real, they say. Count your blessings. And I'm not so long out of that hectic life to need much reminding.

By Labor Day, many of the visitors will return to home routines of work and school, and we'll get a bit of a breather till leaf season in October. The approaching change of seasons has me thinking of what's ahead, what it's going to be like next year when the summer crowds return. I'm sure we'll measure our growth by even more tents at the farmer's market, more reasons for folks to linger a while, and more ways for those who fall in love with our region to make homes here. We're doing our part on that latter score. This gets me to another reason this summer has been a special one.

In July, we broke ground on Phase 1 of The Sanctuary Village, our 23-acre Traditional Neighborhood Development that's a ten-minute walk from Franklin's historic Main Street. Summer rains, welcome in most other ways, slowed us a bit. But we're still on schedule to have our first homes for sale this fall. You can see the floor plans and elevations for first-phase homes by clicking on our Phase 1 map on our website.

Next summer, I want to be joining our new neighbors for coffee in a Sanctuary Village cafe/grocery on Market Street. And I'm looking forward to showing off the variety of housing choices, all within a short stroll of the cafe. Getting ready for that is going to make for a busy winter.

This summer also marked major advances on our high-mountain community of The Sanctuary at Mountain Grove. The new paved state road is under construction and on a hurry-up schedule to be complete from the Franklin side of our valley to Mountain Grove by the end of the year. When it's paved all the way, the new road will put The Sanctuary at Mountain Grove near the midpoint of this rural connector between Franklin and Sylva. It will make for a beautiful drive through our hidden valley. And it will add enormous value to our Mountain Grove residents, who'll have 20-minute access to the two historic mountain towns without sacrificing the sense of seclusion that attracted them to our high-mountain lots.

Whether you plan a visit in the last weeks of summer or the spectacular fall season or anytime in between, be sure and let me know when you're in the area. I'd love to show you what we're doing. In the meantime, follow our progress on the website:

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