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April 2007
Letting Go of the Need for Certainty  
The Sanctuary Village Phase 1 plan - April 2007

Since a river outing a week or so ago, I’ve been thinking about how often in life we over-analyze decisions. We seem to crave the assurance of knowing how things are going to turn out before we commit to a new direction. Yet how often does that work? How often do destinations conform to expectations? If certainty is so elusive, why risk losing out on the fun or the rewards of the trip by being afraid to take first steps?

What got me thinking about this was a short paddling trip on the Little Tennessee River system in our community of Franklin. I was told if I began at a particular point on a stream south of my usual walking route on our Greenway, I could paddle with the current to a convenient take-out spot. So I left a car at the take-out on the Greenway and hauled my kayak to the feeder stream where I put in and let the current push me along. It didn’t take long before I got the sense I was traveling in the wrong direction. The stream curved south, taking me away from familiar territory and into parts of the river system I didn’t know.

At first, this made me uneasy. I must have made a bad decision, I thought. Maybe I got the directions wrong. To make up for my mistake, I was going to have to paddle against the current to get back to the put-in or go ashore and start walking. Then, I had a sudden change of perspective. I was in relatively shallow water on a narrow stream; so I was in no real danger. It was a beautiful day. I could feel the boat moving comfortably below me needing only the occasional dip of my paddle for course correction. Even if I couldn’t be sure where I was headed, I knew where I was. I was on an adventure, one made even more so by the fact that I was released from the illusion of total control. I started paying attention to things I might have missed had I been thinking only of the end point of the trip. I could hear the wind in the tulip poplars and measure the temperature changes on my skin as my kayak passed from sun to shade to sun again. I was in a place my old business colleagues would pay just about anything to experience. I was a lucky guy.

In my old life, in a fast-paced business that both challenged and exhausted me, I embarked on journeys where the destination wasn’t guaranteed and where I profited by the experience. I think I know the value of letting go of the need for certainty. But I don’t think I’ve ever been as rewarded as I have been since my family’s move from South Florida to these mountains in North Carolina. It happened so quickly that the shift certainly qualifies as a step into the unknown. Even now, despite all my planning and dreaming, I can’t be sure how all this is going to end. But I’ve never been happier, never felt more alive and in synch with an unfolding process.

My adventure that day on the river was a modest one. The stream made its way north, then linked with the Little Tennessee and brought me into familiar water alongside the Greenway. The Town of Franklin, where our new Sanctuary Village neighborhood will soon begin construction, came into view. And off in the distance, against the spring sky, I could see Onion Mountain, where our Sanctuary at Mountain Grove community is underway. It was a lovely moment, floating there suspended in the geography of a future, of two futures, I don’t yet know but welcome with each passing day.

Those of you who’ve been following the progress of our planning for Sanctuary Village may have already noticed we’re entering a new phase of that adventure. After getting most of the regulatory clearances, we’re now finishing site planning for Phase 1. When you click on that web page, you’ll see the overall plan for that initial building phase and specific floor plans and elevations for houses designed for each lot.

We’re very excited to show off these plans by architects with the Asheville-based Allison Ramsey firm. Bill Allison and his team have already produced some of the Southeast’s most popular house plans in Southern Living, Coastal Living, and Cottage Living magazines. If you click on specific houses in the Phase 1 master plan, you can get a peek at floor plans and elevations for homes on many of those initial lots. The first houses to be constructed will be those on lots 9, 10, and 11. They should be finished and ready for occupancy this fall.

Because of all the early interest in Sanctuary Village, we wanted to make sure those who’ve been keeping in touch with us have first shots at purchasing homes as they become available. So we’ve created a Priority Reservation System that, in return for a refundable deposit, gives you the preferential status you deserve.

We’re expanding our community in Sanctuary at Mountain Grove, as well. Our first home is nearly built. And we have added three new families since the beginning of 2007 to our list of property owners. Two couples, Bob and Connie and Tony and Susan, are from Florida; and Dave and Nancy are from Ohio. We’re looking forward to seeing them make the next steps toward their mountain home dreams and places in our growing community.

The adventure continues. Come on up and join the fun.

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